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The photographer, circa 1974


Domicile: Denver, Colorado, USA

Maureen received her BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1976 and has worked as a portrait and commercial/stock photographer, filmmaker, videographer, documentary, and fine art photographer, including editorial, directorial positions with Technicolor Gov't. Svcs, San Diego and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Maureen had a unique upbringing, moving from country to country with her family, bouncing back and forth between the US and places such as Morocco, France, Iran, and Germany. These experiences have undoubtedly helped shape her vision.

While working with a non-profit micro-enterprise/women’s empowerment organization in the Nairobi slum of Kibera (Kenya) over a period of 3 years, came the acclaimed social documentary series

 Kibera: a Slice of Heaven.


Kibera prints available at Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, NY.

 Stock images available on

Maureen's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally (e.g.Berlin Biennale, Paris Photo, Desert Art Palace, China) and is in collections in Beijing, the Asia Society Museum in New York and MIT’s Islamic Architecture Library.

Instagram: @mophotoartist

Twitter:       @mophotoartist


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